“I am a wind-swayed bridge, a crossroads inhabited by whirlwinds … You say my name is ambivalence? Think of me as Shiva, a many-armed and legged body with one foot on brown soil, one on white, one in straight society, one in the gay world, the man’s world, the women’s, one limb in the literary world, another in the working class, the socialist, and the occult worlds. A sort of spider woman hanging by one thin strand of web.

“Who me, confused? Ambivalent? Not so. Only your labels split me.”

~ Gloria Anzaldúa, from La Prieta


“All of us exist in a swarming, pulsating world, driven mostly by an unconscious that we ignore and misunderstand. Within the framework of ‘civilisation’ we remain as savage as possible. Against the dense traffic of modern life, we fortify our animal selves with video violence, imaginary sex, and music… but our inflamed and disoriented psyches smoulder on beneath the wet leaves of habit.”

Robyn Hitchcock

7 thoughts on “Who?

  1. trop d’inatendu sur ce site, trop de plaisir, trop de découvertes sidérantes !! jamais je dirais assez : continuez !! et thanks a lot !!

  2. A quote that reeks of cowardice, a patchwork of nothing, scared to create, too empty to make noise, shaking a borrowed leaf, your a librarian and not a book.

  3. Well done for noticing that this is a curatorial exercise: an archive representing the vortex of others’ creative ideas in which we must orbit, often with a sense of diminution, of ambivalence, of speechlessness in reaction to the whirl. Great to know that the sense of difficulty, the liminality of existing in inescapable relation to others (their thoughts, their eyes, their being and doing) is communicating itself… because clearly the vacuum has sucked you in if you feel the urge to comment. Really useful feedback, thanks Sandeno.

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