3 thoughts on “unbearably dull

  1. Damn…she deserves to have them taken away. Look at how she looks after them…all stacked on top of each other like that out of their sleeves and dust jackets! I’m sure the needle brush, distilled water and velvet record cleaner are just out of shot…

  2. HAHAHA! touché, Marc!
    I need a velvet record cleaner, actually – where can you still get such a thing? The years of deejaying really, really took their toll on some of my favourite records, especially the sleeves. House parties were the worst. Someone once spilt katemba all over the Talking Heads and Grace Jones, and they have never been the same again :'(

  3. I know how you feel…I use a small blackboard duster (purchased from CNA) wrapped in heavy velvet and secured with an elastic band. If you by a metre of velvet, you can simply cut a new piece and replace whenever. It’ll last for years. Also, buy distilled water from a chemist and transfer to a small spray bottle. Spray a little on the grubby records and wipe in a circular motion with the velvet while on the turntable. If you have particularly scratchy records, a light spray of distilled water while the record is playing will mask some of the crackle. Just remember to wipe off once the track is finished before putting back into sleeve. I recently did a vinyl only set, so all this is still fresh…and to think when I first started DJing there was only vinyl!

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