Are today’s 20-somethings living in a bubble? They certainly seem to be a lot more relaxed than we were, growing up in the apartheid 80s.

7 thoughts on “hipsters

  1. Derek, I think it’s about apathy, not relaxation or enlightenment. Most middle-class SA kids are in total denial, sucking the tit of consumer culture. Youngsters who are not in denial have largely disengaged from politics because it increasingly feels like there’s FUCK ALL you can do to influence anything. At least you guys still felt there was some truth to speak to power. These days people don’t even bother taking it on. For example, Zuma just reshuffled his cabinet so that the guy who introduced e-tolling as Minister of Transport was shunted out of that hot seat and into the Ministry of Energy, where he will grease the fracking wheels… Not to mention that the Sex Whale’s been given the boot entirely because he didn’t say lots of nice things about Zuma, while the delightfully competent Minister of Education Angie Motshekga gets to carry on with her sterling work making sure people are uneducated enough not to be able to engage critically with the swindling going on… While poor old Mandela is denied a grave to turn in. It’s monstrous. And the kids just go, “Whatevsies, politicians just suck, we all know that”.

    And, if you think they are not getting fucked on drugs, you definitely are out of touch. It’s more socially acceptable than ever before to do coke every weekend, and ecstasy at trance parties… And I’m not exaggerating when I say that half of the hipsters and artists/musos in Cape Town have looming smack habits from glamorous dalliances that have gotten out of hand. The rot, the rot, can’t stop the rot.

  2. Hi Rose, innarestin comments fo sho. In the kids of today’s defence, back in our day we WERE actually able to effect change, because aparthate was crumbling due to an effective, well-mobilised, opposition under the umbrella body of the UDM. Even as whities, we could articulate our grievances clearly through bodies such as the End Conscription Campaign. What opposition is there today? anyone who dares stand up against Zuma gets instantly squashed, eg suddenly Malema faces corruption charges and tax evasion, as if nobody else is guilty of the same thing!
    As for the drug habits, what started in the 60s with acid, mescaline etc was an attempt to actually explore and push boundaries within one’s own psyche, whereas drugs like coke are pure escapism; and coke tends to elicit fear in massive quantities (tik even more) which is exactly what the system wants (ie the opposite of love).
    Lastly, the youth of today also have a chance to express themselves against the system through social media, which played a huge role in the Arab Spring, and politicians are finding it harder to hide their lies than ever before. Now, if we could unite this ability to mobilise with some clarity on the issues at hand … which are obfusticated through conspiracy theories and the like .. and leave the apathy behind ..

  3. Biggest problem is that being active on social media isn’t enough; it salves the conscience and gives a sense of having participated without actually having done anything concrete. Only when it crosses over from armchair “activism” into instigating physical activity can it do anything to change things.

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