dear daily mail – sincerely, amanda palmer

When the UK’s Daily Mail tabloid paper covered Amanda Palmer’s recent performance at Glastonbury, they didn’t mention anything about the music that she played, choosing to focus only on a brief moment where her breast “escaped her bra”.

Palmer wasn’t thrilled about the lack of coverage her performance received and the extent of attention that was paid to her so-called wardrobe malfunction, and she decided to respond to the paper live on stage. About halfway through her hilarious and cutting song, she strips almost entirely naked. Astute:

One thought on “dear daily mail – sincerely, amanda palmer

    “[We] need to think about what this kind of body scrutiny does to women and girls. What happens when the media tells them that even when they’re a size 2, they’re too fat? This kind of exposé warns women that they will always be watched and that they will always be picked apart, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

    This “omnipresent surveillance,” discussed by Foucault, implicitly encourages women to internalize this form of policing and women become their own disciplinarians. They watch themselves because they never know when they are being watched.”

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