eric burdon & the animals – poem by the sea

From the overlooked 1967 album, Winds of Change. Apart from Eric Burdon, the lineup of the band was entirely different from the band responsible for such hits as “House of the Rising Sun”, and the sound of this incarnation is more psychedelic.

Eric Burdon – vocals
John Weider – guitar, violin (later a member of FAMILY)
Vic Briggs – guitar, arrangement (AKA Antion Vikram Singh)
Danny McCulloch – bass (earlier a member of SCREAMIN’ LORD SUTCH)
Barry Jenkins – drums (earlier a member of THE NASHVILLE TEENS)

I picked this LP up recently for R10. It’s always fun when you find something you know about outside of channels where other people know about it too… I suppose that’s the addictive pleasure of digging.