fela kuti & egypt 80 – beasts of no nation

This post goes out to FIFA president Sepp Blatter and all the people aligning themselves with various national football teams in the bizarre competitive spectacle that is the FIFA World Cup.

Happening this time round in Brazil, FIFA bleeds yet another host country’s economy dry, with the willing help of its own government – systematic violence, neo-colonial parasitism. Last time it was South Africa’s turn, and the effects are still being felt here.


kola boof

This Ohio bookseller refuses to carry African writer Kola Boof's novels because of nudity.

This Ohio bookseller refuses to carry African writer Kola Boof’s novels because of nudity.

“I don’t agree that I am controversial. What I feel is that most people are not critical thinkers.  The society tells them what to believe, what to think…and their knee jerk reactions are guided completely by that conditioning.  They usually realize later on that what I’m saying is not controversial… when they take time and think in depth.  Even if they don’t agree with me… they understand what I’m saying without all the claims of being shocked by controversy.  I’m not a controversial person if you’re a critical thinker.”

Check out Kola Boof’s website, where you can also read more of this interview.