amy leibrand

amy leibrand_03

“My name is Amy Leibrand. I reside deep in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. I am a science writer. This is just a fancy way of saying I take data and summarize it.”

Read more of this interview and see more of her work and some of her compositing techniques HERE.

Amy’s own website is also well worth checking out, HERE. This is excerpted from her artist’s statement:

“My work shifts between visceral, uncomfortable, intimate self-portraits and surreal travel narratives; by nature, I am a wanderer, both in body and in mind. Colossal legs that dwarf a desert, forest, mountain landscape reveal the discomfort I feel in my surroundings, and the endless search for satisfaction, perhaps even a nod to escape. Turning the camera on myself, self-portraits illustrate the endless conflict between internal and external dialogue: pretty versus ugly, fearless versus cowardly, and so on. Using subtle odd, dreamlike, humoristic and disturbing elements, my intent is to objectify not only my own emotions, but those of the viewer. I want the viewer to become part of my work, as their reaction has as much to do with the art as the artwork itself.”

amy leibrand_08

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