clara rockmore – pastorale (anis fuleihan)

From Clara Rockmore’s Lost Theremin Album (1975)

Anis Fuleihan (April 2, 1900 – October 11, 1970) was a Cypriot-born American composer, conductor and pianist. Fuleihan’s music generally avoided serial structures, and was heavily influenced by Middle Eastern folk music. One of his works is a concerto for theremin, premiered by the New York Philharmonic under Leopold Stokowski in 1945; the soloist was Clara Rockmore.

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no compromise, no order

“What he would say, he cannot say to this woman whose openness is like a wound, whose youth is not mortal yet. He cannot alter what he loves most in her, her lack of compromise, where the romance of the poems she loves still sits with ease in the real world. Outside these qualities he knows there is no order in the world.”

― Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient