swans – mind/body/light/sound (1995)

Throw your mind away
Fall into the sea
There’s nothing solid here
Dissolve your body today
There’s a sun in the sky
We’re in the atmosphere
Throw yourself in the sea
There’s nothing solid down here
Mindless, bodyless, soundless light
This ordinary night
This ordinary day
They’re twisted out of shape
Then they disintegrate
Cool water runs through the ground
The ocean blends with the air
Throw yourself in the fire
There’s nothing solid around here
Mindless, bodyless, soundless light
The world was over today
The time is already gone
Throw your mind in the sea
Eternity doesn’t last very long
There’s some people on earth
They live in separate minds
Dissolve your body today,
There is no more outside
Mindless, bodyless, soundless light

jiddu krishnamurti on observing ourselves in space and time

“When the observer is the observed, and the observer has always acted as though the observed is something different from himself, then he could act. But, when he realises that the observer IS the observed, all action ceases on his part… and, therefore, all effort.  And therefore there is no fear at all. This requires a great deal of inward inquiry, inward observation, step by step without coming to any conclusion.

“Why do you choose; what is the necessity of choice? If you see something very clearly (as we just now saw what freedom implied, and that the mind is only free when it can see the total) … when you see that clearly, there is no choice. It’s only the confused mind that chooses. Awareness takes place only when there is no choice, or when you are aware of all the conflicting choices, all the conflicting desires, the strains… Just to observe all this movement of contradiction… and, knowing that the observer is the observed, that therefore in that process there is no choice at all, but only watching what IS.

“And that’s entirely different from concentration. Awareness brings a quality of attention in which there is neither the observer nor the observed. When you really attend, completely attend, like now, if you are really listening, there is neither the listener nor the speaker. And that state of attention brings about an extraordinary  sense of freshness, a quality of newness to the mind…”

scientist – dematerialise

Off Scientist Meets the Space Invaders (Greensleeves Records, 1981), produced by Mikey “Roots” Scott & Linval Thompson. The recording was done at Channel One Studios backed by the Roots Radics, and mixed at King Tubby’s. The recording was by Stanley “Barnabas” Bryan, Anthony “Crucial Bunny” Graham and Maxwell “Maxie” Livington Smith. The cover artwork is by Tony McDermott.