3 thoughts on “treeporn

  1. Maybe it’s cos they’re organic and you’re a hippie, D? ;)

    No, but seriously, I know what you mean. Since little I have always seen anthropomorphic character in trees, and they do feel sentient – I remember deciding I should make friends with the contorted faces in the knots of the pine of my bunk bed that were scary… And when I learned the word “petrified”, I always thought of them – that that tree had been chopped down in the prime of life and sliced up to make my bed… And that what I was seeing, lying there looking up, were the faces of the tree spirits in death.

  2. Hey Cheri Bomb, thanks for that reply … may I just say here that I love this site, and even if it sometimes seems that there are only a couple of people contributing and looking at it, it still rocks! May it grow from strength to strength .. so, trees .. yeah, gonna write a poem on them i skeem .. talking about the knots of pine, they saved me once .. I was on one of those bad acid trips where you are dead tired but can’t sleep, and I thought I was really gonna lose it .. and I started staring into the knotty pine whorls on the floorboards … and somehow they bought me back ..there was some sort of order in the chaos there .. will never forget that ..!!

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