fiona apple – pure imagination – from “the scarecrow”

Fiona Apple’s chillingly subversive cover of Willy Wonka’s song from¬†Charlie and the Chocolate Factory¬†, originally sung by a supremely creepy Gene Wilder in the 1970s film (if you saw this as a kid, didn’t he scare the crap out of you?), appears in a new animated ad for Chipotle which slams factory farming.

the moscow coup attempt – sprout and the bean

Cover of Joanna Newsom’s song “Sprout and the Bean”,¬†with vocals by Vera Ostrova —¬†sans the shrillness of the original and with a beautiful video — off a 2010 compilation album called¬†Versions of Joanna.

“And as I said,¬†I slept as though dead,¬†dreaming seamless dreams of lead.
When you go away,¬†I am big-boned and fey¬†in the dust of the day,¬†in the dirt of the day.”

if anything could ever feel this real forever…

And I wonder
when I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again
The only thing I’ll ever ask of you
You’ve got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang

Dylan and Lauren (or Sandalwood, as they are calling themselves) perform their favourite track “Everlong”(originally by Foo Fighters) in the OxJam tent at Electric Picnic festival, Ireland, 2010.

Lauren (11) spotted the “Open Mic” sign outside the OxJam tent, grabbed her brother and barrelled over …within barely a minute I heard them announce “next up a brother and sister combo…” and I barely had time to get in with the camera, thankfully it took Dylan a minute to retune the borrowed guitar to drop-D.