zhou xuan – don’t sing (1947)

Gramophone recording 周璇-不要唱吧 (1947).

Bad translation:

Word you said too elegant
Turn, do not sing, do not sing!
Self-love and love
Sound they say is too nauseating
Easily and not great
Majestic and frightening
Solemn nobody loves it
Not to sing, do not sing!
Do not open so people curse
Do not open to avoid being criticized
Do not sing do not sing!

lata mangeshkar – mujh ko iss raat ki tanhai mei

I’ve been listening to old Lata Mangeshkar records on my new, very old His Master’s Voice (model HMV 88a) gramophone. Indescribably magical, to listen to something powered only by the twist of your own wrist.

This song is from the film Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (1960).

Don’t call out to me in the stillness of the night
Don’t play that music which brings tears to my eyes
Don’t play it
Don’t call out to me