Men-Ups! is a photo series by photographer Rion Sabean featuring men in classic pin-up poses that are commonly associated with representations of femininity.

Rion says of his series: “I hope to have the viewer question their responses and why they feel the reaction that they do, and to associate those feelings with an understanding of societal brainwashing. Mainly, I want my audience to ask two things: why is it considered sexy for a woman to pose in such [hilarious] ways, and why isn’t it sexy for a man to do the same?”

Read more at the Huffington Post. Thanks to Debbie Pryor for “turning me on” to Men-Ups!

4 thoughts on “men-ups!

  1. It’s actually really funny to see these dudes in these ridiculous poses, and yes, it does make one question why women are constantly in such poses, and why we take that for granted. Definitely, the men look totally ridiculous, while women are ‘accepted’ as looking sexy in these weird contortions, sticking out their butts etc. Clever and pertinent, Rion.

  2. “For all the feminist jabber about women being victimized by fashion, it is men who most suffer from conventions of dress. Every day, a woman can choose from an army of personae, femme to butch, and can cut or curl her hair or adorn herself with a staggering variety of artistic aids. But despite the Sixties experiments in peacock dress, no man can rise in the corporate world today, outside the entertainment industry, with long hair or makeup or purple velvet suits.”
    ― Camille Paglia

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