Sarah (Facebook status update): ‎”Spinster” is such a horrible word. So I am coining a new word for myself: I am a $PIN$TA, so watch out or I’ll set my cats on you.

Lizza: Yo, $pin$sta! It’s like a combination of spin and sista… works with the headphone look [in your profile pic].

Sarah: Yo homie! Thanks, although I fear those headphones are more ‘gamer nerd’ than ‘Dre’.

Lizza: Hey, being a murderer and stuff is too tired already. Kill them with your MIND.

Djf Head: It’s one of the few remaining words that closet misogynists get to use when they want to make a point without invoking obvious indignation. So please take it and transform it and own it.

Sarah: Yes but still “do you want to come back to my spinster pad?” is unlikely to work. It evokes visions of a giant sinister man-eating spider. *shudder*

Lizza: Any way you look at it, you have to end up being a goth :)

Sarah: A gangster goth.

Lizza: Yeah! Solid muthafuckin GOLD spiderwebs with diamonds on.

Sarah: LOL!!!! I’ll put chrome rims on my doc martens (sp?).

Lizza: Oh.my.god. and fluorescent lighting underneath, like a gangsta car. Imagine when you walk…

Sarah: That’s mental :D

Lizza: Judge Dredd would totally shit himself :))))

Rosemary: I like this entire conversation.

7 thoughts on “$pin$ta!

  1. I deejayed at the MCQP, circa 2002, at the Castle of Good Hope. The theme was “The Wedding”, and I went in a white satin bridal gown with plenty of cobwebs and a label that read “spinst*r”… I will try to dig out a photo… It was one of the most memorable gigs I ever played – people in giant platforms and stilettos dancing on the cobbles, twisting their ankles and losing their garters.

  2. Yeah… and a wildcard. At the time my DJ name was *.*
    That’s what you used to have to type in DOS when you wanted to search for all files in a directory, without specification.

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