junk males

Eeeuww! I’m a virtual bukkake star. Foreign cock spam’s flying at me from all directions. It’s badly aimed.
It hurts my eyes. It’s just so ridiculous! I’m spluttering with laughter.

Hello cherry_bomb
You know you want a bigger cock, dont waste anymore time
derias Hattaway

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Stephen Bolduc

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Feras bridgeford

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imagine the look on your wifes face when she sees the new you
Ragu Lizardo

Wazzup cherry_bomb
A girl once told me i was to small, im the one laughing now
Quyanh Seinzal

Wassup cherry_bomb
Any bigger and i would be in a circus
Merrick Fabris

Dolls always whooped at me and even chaps did in the free WC!
Well, now I whoop at them, because I took Me – ga – Di k
for 3 months and now my phallus is dreadfully best than world.

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ruby Beernaert

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I fill her whole mouth now
Kang delloca

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Andriy Bedard

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Malcolm Severinsen

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Maya Pham

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No girls laugh at me now, haha, i laugh at them
ann Beaulac

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lady Blendy

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Jefferson barrette

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Snares Lindow

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rejean rebeck

greeting cherry_bomb
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WeII Chester

compliments cherry_bomb
your partner will be calling you “big boy”
Jibba Olesen

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Arild Tolin

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life is too short to be small
DADA Hernberg

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Manster is designed and manufactured in the United States
Pau Labrecque

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sex life boring??, im sure it would spice up again if you had that extra 3 inches
Carrie mosley

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Did you ever ask yourself is my penis big enough
Ring Peska

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Dorin Muzio

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Bysshe Eloranta

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Gian Choksey

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Marivie Gaspar

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wray frazee

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sa jas

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Mash Renshaw

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Night cherry_bomb
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oh yes, intercourse is alot better now
Rozina Kozicky

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You like to play baseball you have nice balls. Good but what about your bat?
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Londoni Bornino

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zul Fairchild

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mfds gubanche

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Otis Duke

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Raoni McCaslin

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fact: Girls like guys with a big schlong!
DeHart khotsimeuang

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jef s

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wang carson

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Racheal Leong

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You should see me now, i am sooooo confident with the ladies
Bobo Gallaugher

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Shirley Frog

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I went from being mr little too mr big boy within 6 months.
Nitko Ederer

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life is short, dont have a small cock all your life
msika Skei

Night cherry_bomb
i am the most confident person around
Avishek Polso

Night cherry_bomb
50% of women fake orgasms on a regular basis
Braun McInnis

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Shuaifeng Borun

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Cora Child

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eunseok Cardozo

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Alon Krammer

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ramsey Carts

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My cock is soooo big now, thanks to these doctors
Rivo Jalava

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When I looked in the mirror after every shower, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not I was average. After doing some research online, I realized that I was slightly under-average
Evangelene Maikovich

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Does penis size matter? Some say yes, some say no.
Pauli Noordzij

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Did you know 80% of ladies prefer a man that is big, they say its more fulfilling
ke Defilla

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A bigger penis can give you a massive confidence boost
Hillary lapana

Yo cherry_bomb
Many men want to improve their schlong size
missy Sahle

Wassup newbold
ladies like em big, so i enlarged my cock just to please them..
Georgia Borrow

Wazzup Purka
we’re both so happy with his bigger penis.
Lettie kelley

Yo cherry_bomb
Penis size is one of the main concerns of modern men, with many feeling that they don’t measure up.
kampmann Pavlenko

Wassup cherry_bomb
His penis wasn’t big enough to reach the most sensitive parts of my vagina
Maninder Heijnen

Wazzup fatmire
Most women enjoy a larger penis
dfsafwerfa Golka

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Victor dukett

Wazzup Devitt
Katie likes guys with a big pe*nis – get yours now
Douglas Cavan

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Ramiz Kim

Wazzup manrique
A Bigger penis means much more enjoyment!
Chelsie Hamalainen

How it is going Gallup
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Hisashi Gurman

Wassup lafollette
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cem Less

Keep all the girls really happy
Keep all the girls really happy
People judge your dick size by your shoes size.
You will be able to penetrate deeper
With Xtra Size+ you dont have to wear
bigger shoes to make women think you have a huge dick.
Paris Hilton likes them big
You can actually have it.
80% of women are unhappy with partners size??
Become the ultimate pleasure machine

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Life is short…. so make the most of it !!!
Introducing the new male ennhancemennt product that
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Approved stuff for selfgaining

Wassup biggs
With the advance in science…. cock enlargement is now possible without expensive surgery
jh OLeary

Wassup cherry_bomb
The guys got jealous now when they see me in the bathroom
Mila Lamonakis

Hi bro troupe
its the size of ones penis that determines success
renald Pritchard

5 thoughts on “junk males

  1. Wha? …bwahaha! wtf? why all these ridiculous comments from ‘men’? really funny altered pics! thanks Cherry! porn is sooo ridiculous actually .. the way it has become portrayed, especially … viva playing music! so many men playing music … their best way of expressing the beauty in themselves …

  2. It’s clear that spam is aimed almost exclusively at heterosexual men. And that it aims at fundamental masculine anxieties: sexual attractiveness, wealth, health. There is no subtlety or subterfuge. That’s what’s very interesting about it.

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