sezen aksu – hıdrellez (1997)

Turkish language version of the Roma song “Ederlezi”, made famous outside the Balkans via Goran Bregovic’s version in Emir Kusturica’s film, Time of the Gypsies.

The song got its name from Ederlezi (Turkish: Hıdırellez) which is a spring festival celebrated by Roma people in the Balkans, Turkey and elsewhere around the world.

From Wikipedia:
Hıdırellez or Hıdrellez (Turkish: Hıdrellez or Hıdırellez, Azerbaijani: Xıdır İlyas or Xıdır Nəbi, Crimean Tatar: Hıdırlez, Romani language: Ederlezi) is celebrated in Turkey and throughout the Turkic world as the day on which prophets Hızır (Al-Khidr) and Ilyas (Elijah) met on the earth. Hıdırellez starts on May 5 night and falls on May 6 in the Gregorian calendar and on April 23 in the Julian calendar. It celebrates the arrival of spring and is a religious holiday for the Alevi as well. Đurđevdan or the Feast of Saint George is the Christian variety of this spring festival celebrated throughout the Balkans, including Serbia and Bulgaria, notably in areas under the control of the Ottoman Empire by the end of the 16th century.

There are various theories about the origin of Hızır and Hıdırellez. Ceremonies and rituals were performed for various gods with the arrival of the spring or summer in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Iran and other Mediterranean countries since ancient times. One widespread belief suggests that Hızır attained immortality by drinking the water of life. He often wanders the earth, especially in the spring, helping people in difficulty. People see him as a source of bounty and health, as the festival takes place in Spring, the time of new life.

English translation:
Spring has come,
I’ve tied a red pouch on a rose’s branch,
I’ve vowed a house with two rooms
In the name of a lover
The mountain is green, the branches are green
They’ve awakened for the bayram (festival day)
All hearts are happy
Only my fate is black
The scent of jonquils is everywhere,
It’s time.
This spring, I’m the only one
Whom the bayram has not affected
Don’t cry, Hıdrellez
Don’t cry for me
I’ve sowed pain, and instead of it,
Love will sprout, will sprout
In another spring.
He has neither a way (known) nor a trace
His face is not familiar
The long and short of it,
My wish from the God is love.
I don’t have anyone to love, I don’t have a partner
One more day has dawned.
O my star of luck,
Smile on me!

(Translation based on the one here; not sure how good it is!)

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