doos (2008)

Sometimes I wish I had a penis.
How much simpler it would make things!
We’d hang together,
free flowing,
without ration,
without suspicion,
without tourniquets
to cut off our blood
if it quickened
in each other’s presence.
It’s brutally,
being confined to this

2 thoughts on “doos (2008)

  1. Yes, well thankfully I have never had to apply a tourniquet to my nob … I think men get less freaked out by each other than women simply because they think less …

  2. HAHA, I completely disagree. I think men are generally way more homophobic than women… this is a GENERALISATION, not a rule, so no one shoot me. This poem was actually about me and a man – one who hid our friendship from his wife. I like that it is ambiguously readable, though…

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