nadine shah – are you with me?

“Shah is a singer-songwriter of Norwegian and Pakistani parentage from a small coastal village in the north-east of England, but she could just as easily be the result of a steamy union in the capital some time in the early-90s between Polly Harvey and Nick Cave. That’s the lineage to which her dark tales of lust and loss, revenge and regret belong, although she also cites as influences everyone from Philip Larkin and Frida Kahlo to Interpol and Arthur Russell (something in the tremulousness of her voice bears the latter out) as well as the religious Sufi songs that her father would play during car rides and the ghazals he sang in Urdu around the house… There is romance in her backstory, even if it’s not of the troubled variety. Shah grew up on a rocky cliff overlooking the North Sea. Her mum was a sea captain’s daughter, and her dad was the exotic stranger who stole her heart. Her debut album will be called Love From Dum And Mad, its title capturing the intriguing split in Shah’s character between loving family girl and avenging banshee.”

– Paul Lester, The Guardian

The Aching Bones EP was released on 19 November 2012 by Label Fandango. More from Nadine Shah HERE.

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