thokozani mthiyane – black hole

Image: THokozani Mthiyane

Image: Thokozani Mthiyane

black hole
we have sunk in
the spinning time
lost again
just a drop of rain
and the grain of thought
or was it the image of the dead
that kept you from sleep
or just us again
listening to the sound
of words against the mind
energy for the vision
or is it just another path
to safety – the circle
of vulture and all
until you fall
you won’t know how the earth
but hey love – let’s breathe
it is now
it is tomorrow
dreams remind me
that i am reason in reverse
reverse until that verse
before i thought
like a musician would
about an abstract note
i thought it was the syllable
that syllable –
now i know it is the verse
not even the word
the verse
as orgasmic
as the poetic