rainer maria rilke – les roses xvii

C’est toi qui prépares en toi
plus que toi, ton ultime essence.
Ce qui sort de toi, ce troublant émoi,
c’est ta danse.
Chaque pétale consent
et fait dans le vent
quelques pas odorants
Ô musique des yeux,
toute entourée d’eux,
tu deviens au milieu

Your inner self is the one creating
more than yourself, your ultimate essence.
The uneasiness emerging from you,
that is your dance.
Each petal consents
and takes a few steps,
invisible, fragrant
in the wind.
O music to the eyes,
petals all around,
in their midst you become

Rainer Maria Rilke (c 1926) From his series “Les Roses”, Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche,
5:4, 17-21. Translated from French by Susanne Petermann (2011).

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