scientist – scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires (1981)

Scientist sourced his material for this album from artists Michael Prophet, Wailing Souls, Johnny Osbourne and Wayne Jarrett. Here are Scientist’s mixes and their original equivalents:

Scientist Originals
1. “Voodoo Curse” “Oh What a Feeling” – Wailing Souls (Fire House Rock, 1981)
2. “Dance of the Vampires” “You Are a No Good” – Michael Prophet (Righteous Are The Conqueror, 1980)
3. “Blood On His Lips” “Love in My Heart” – Wayne Jarrett (Chip In, 1981)
4. “Cry of the Werewolf” “Hold On To What You Got” – Michael Prophet (Gunman, 1981)
5. “The Mummy’s Shroud” “Fire House Rock” – Wailing Souls (Fire House Rock, 1981)
6. “The Corpse Rises” “Bandits Taking Over” – Wailing Souls (Fire House Rock, 1981)
7. “Night of the Living Dead” “Youthman” – Michael Prophet (Gunman, 1981)
8. “Your Teeth In My Neck” “Love and Unity” – Michael Prophet (Gunman, 1981)
9. “Plague of Zombies” “He Can Surely Turn The Tide” – Johnny Osbourne (Fally Lover, 1981)
10. “Ghost of Frankenstein” “Sweet Loving” – Michael Prophet (Gunman, 1981)

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