pierre henry – divinités paisibles (1962)



From Le Voyage: An electronic score based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
“A panorama of experimental music” series volume 2 (Mercury Records, 1968).

Tracklisting in English on sleeve translated into French on labels:
A1 Breath 1/Souffle 1
A2 After Death/Après la mort 1 (fluide et mobilité d’un Larsen)
A3 After Death 2/Après la mort 2 (mouvement en 6 parties)
B1 Peaceful Deities/Divinités paisibles
B2 Wrathful Deities/Divinités irritées
B3 The Coupling/Le couple
B4 Breath 2/Souffle 2

Premiered on April 25, 1962 in Cologne.
An alternate version – the stereophonic recording released here – was performed at the church of Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre in Paris in June 25, 1963.

Date of release taken from Billboard magazine issue 80, number 11 from March 16, 1968.

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