angel olsen interview (august 2016)

Her new album is out today!

From the Pitchfork review:

“From the bracing incantations of 2012’s Half Way Home to Olsen’s folk-rock opus, 2014’s Burn Your Fire for No Witness, her name is now synonymous with a voice. Each note tells a story. Hers are tales of absolute yearning and resilience. They honor the romance of being alone in your head. Olsen has perfected the idea that it is still possible—if language is precise enough, if the truth of your music is as elemental as color or blood—to write oneself out of time. Her lyrics have the conviction of someone like Fiona Apple: a profoundly individual presence that centers, above all, on self-reliance, on searing autonomy, on the act of becoming.”

angel olsen – stars

This is one of those songs I have tried to write myself… and then I hear somebody else already has it nailed so articulately. Sucks. In the best way possible.

I think you’d like to see me lose my mind
You treat me like a child; I’m angry, blind
I feel so much at once that I could scream

I wish I had the voice of everything
I wish I had the voice of everything

To scream the animals, to scream the earth
To scream the stars out of our universe
To scream it all back into nothingness
To scream the feeling ’til there’s nothing left
To scream the feeling ’til there’s nothing left

I’ll close my eyes
I’ll close my eyes and try to leave the world
Well you could change my mind with just a smile
And just before I turn to leave I think
I could use the thoughts you’ve given me
Oh I could use the thoughts you’ve given me

To sing the animals, to sing the earth
To sing the stars into a universe
To sing it all back into something new
To sing for life, or myself and maybe you

Wish I had the voice of everything, sometimes
Wish I had the voice of everything

angel olsen – the sky opened up

From her last album Half Way Homethis live performance was recorded at Paradox/Incubate, on 10 September 2012.

Angel said of Half Way Home,  “I think no matter how stable I am I will always be searching, I guess that’s what this album is about. The endless searching, the fruitless waiting, the idea of a home that is inside yourself.”

Her new album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, is due for release in February 2014.