What makes you sing so sweetly in the dark, White-eyes, hours before dawn? I want to know. Is it your sureness of the imminent arrival of the light? Or is it to wake the sun, in case it’s forgotten its appointment with the day? I want to know, because right now things are cold and dark here, and your song is puncturing the silence with a conviction I do not share.

3 thoughts on “madrugada

  1. The word “madrugada” has always fascinated me. No word in English quite captures it the same way. Or “madrugar”, you can say it in English with a phrase but not really with a single word (I think.)

  2. Yes… it’s like “saudades”… such an evocative concept with no English cognate… So, essentially, something inexpressible with my mother tongue, something I have to find words for in other languages. Fascinating.

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