sharon van etten – remembering mountains

The opening and title track of a very beautiful compilation of recordings by different people of unheard Karen Dalton-penned songs, released in May this year on Tompkins Square Records. You can find it HERE.

And here are the lyrics and chords, handwritten by Karen. Karen’s melodies for the songs were not included, which is why this is more a record of collaborative compositions than straight covers. And it’s fascinating for that – you can certainly hear the debt all the participants owe her in their own work.


how mainstream media unknowingly helps the anc use zuma as its racial jesus

“[W]hat will shape South Africa’s political destiny is not “the truth” but the careful navigation and understanding of how words are digested by those watching and listening.”
A deeply perceptive piece by Siya Khumalo about how South Africans are talking past one another.

Almost everyone on my Facebook has been asking the same question: how did the #ZumaMustFallMarch become about race? Isn’t it clear that the current president is bad news for the country?

Jacob Zuma – the person and the president, the body that is depicted visually and the figure that is related to politically – is the terrain on which South Africa’s race issues have played themselves out in weird and telling ways. Without realising it, mainstream media has done the ANC a huge favour in playing up the DA’s “Zuma is corrupt” trope because as well-intentioned and truthful as it may be, what it’s done is exacerbate the friction among the races – especially between black and white people – because white people do not know how to level an insult so it lands where it’s intended. This is because colonialism and apartheid skewed racial relations.

Let’s say Jacob Zuma…

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