ivan aivazovsky – the ninth wave (1850)


“Wave after wave, each mightier than the last,
Till last, a ninth one, gathering half the deep
And full of voices, slowly rose and plunged
Roaring, and all the wave was in a flame.”

From Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s Idylls of the King (1859).

One thought on “ivan aivazovsky – the ninth wave (1850)

  1. Water has special biblical significance and Aivazovsky told stories within his painting that allowed water to represent human emotion. I was startled twice during contemplating Simone Weil when I realized Aivazovsky was depicting her profound observation. It is as though these ideas have an independent existence which we are normlly unaware of but sometimes those like Simone and Aivazovsky depict in their own exceptional way.

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