x-ray spex – i am a cliché

The next installment of the cliché is: poetry then sorrow and then art, im riding it hard, living it, and dont care. I toss care out of the window, taboos next, if you pour me another drink it will make the tossing easier…

Taken from the album Germfree Adolescents (1978)

“The melancholy river bears us on. When the moon comes through the trailing willow boughs, I see your face, I hear your voice. What are you whispering? Sorrow, sorrow. Joy, joy. Woven together in the moonlight.”

~ Virginia Woolf

motel7 – “daydreamers”

Solo Exhibition at 34FineArt, Cape Town

16 October 2012 – 10 November 2012

After her initial solo exhibition,Tears and Castles, at 34 Long Fine Art in 2009, Motel7 left South Africa to work in Europe and America. Having returned to South Africa she has reclaimed her position on the streets and in the Gallery environment.

Having worked in traditional mediums from an early age, Motel7 moved through the ranks of graffiti to street art and like many international artists, such as Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Miss Van, Blek le Rat, D*Face and Nick Walker, she has secured her position as an acclaimed urban contemporary artist. Since then her work has been featured in numerous international exhibitions, including the Basel Art Fairs, as well as galleries in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Motel7 continues to hone her skills in urban spaces whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Increasingly street artists occupy both urban and fine art environments. In cities like Cape Town, where street art is still illegal, artworks seldom remain on the walls for long enough to be fully appreciated before being cleaned off or defaced. Ironically, while the value of works in urban spaces is often overlooked, within the gallery environment these same works are approached with a more appreciative eye.

Daydreamers, Motel7’s second solo show, affirms the ease with which she straddles the divide between urban and gallery spaces – where the traditional process of work progressing from gallery environment to museum or public commission, is reversed. The exhibition is presented in her unique visual idiom, built-up over years of working in a challenging environment. The seemingly juxtaposed images of sculls, toys, fruit and sweets are complimented by the vintage quality of the paintings… it’s all about symbolizing daydreaming and nostalgia and the past.

Street art and graffiti are closely associated, but are often regarded as vandalism – evidence of urban decay – in stark contrast to gallery art, which is seen as the epitome of artistic achievement. Daydreamers demonstrates that it is not these works themselves which are different, but rather the contexts within which they are viewed.

Don’t miss the opening reception on 16 October. Find out more HERE.