shabbir banoobhai on steve biko, julius malema and corruption

“I knew Steve Biko,” I say again, thinking no one has heard me.

“We heard you the first time,” you reply. “So you knew Steve Biko – who is dead. We are looking for someone who knows Julius Malema – who is alive. The dead are of no use to budding entrepreneurs – except if you are inheriting from them.”

“Malema thinks only of himself,” I say. “Steve Biko thought of everyone except himself.”

“That’s why he is dead – and you are poor,” you reply. “The good disciple mirrors the master. So before you become a disciple, choose the right master.”

“What about the master?” I ask. “Can the master be good, if his disciples are poor?”

“Ah!” you say. “That’s a trick-question. If you give me some silver coins I might answer that.”

“Where will a poor man find silver coins to pay to learn whether his master is poor if he is poor?” I ask.

“Why does a poor man ask such a question when he cannot afford to know the answer?” you say.

“On reflection, I may be able to help you,” I say. “I may already be Malema’s disciple. The Imam at my mosque says we are all corrupt if we do not fight corruption.”

“I don’t have time to help you resolve your confusion,” you say.

“I prefer to confuse my enemies; not my friends.”

~ Shabbir Banoobhai
(thanks to Mphutlane wa Bofelo for sharing this on Facebook)

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