le journal de personne – inside woman

(machine translation, with a little editing)

My name is Nobody
Listen carefully to what I say
because I pick my words on the fly
And I never repeat myself
I told you what I call myself; this settles the question of WHO
The WHERE meanwhile could easily be described as the wall of a cell of a post entitled: “Inside woman”
But there is a clear difference between ending up trapped in a narrow cell and ending up trapped in one’s own desire to settle all accounts.
WHAT is easy too: Lately I have designed and begun to implement a mechanism to take over the Internet. The most perfect break in on the planet!
but WHEN? today or maybe tomorrow.
Regarding WHY… besides the obvious motivation of exacting justice, the reason is very simple: Because I decided to.
… Which leaves us with the HOW to resolve:
To be true to myself, I would say: No comment!

Read the text in French.

What do you think?

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