vbi – chameleon girl (2009)

Chameleon girl,
you switch,
with each serial
killer moment,

A freckle-face, brown eyes soft
with endless promise,
Heels and stockings
in the glare of
the brake lights,

A sexy sneer on a culpable homicide,
Swallow my car-crash
under a blue cross,
soft skin plays over mine
in the morning.

Smells like the garden
of earthly delights,
a chorus of angels;
and demon-spurred riots.

I want to hold you in my arms,
but all it seems I can do is
write you songs.

I will collaborate on the mysteries,
with you take part in their downfall,
With you I am afraid
anything is possible.

I am a dangerous man,
I vanish like mist
in the face of

But long after good and evil
and far beyond death do us part,
You’ll look around
and find that I’m still around

Track 3 from the album Severance by VBI. Music by Graeme Feltham. Words and Vocals by Martin Jacklin.  More HERE.

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