fabio selvatici – hope

Fabio Selvatici – “Hope”
2010, from The Obscure Series

Born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1987, Fabio Selvatici is completely self-taught. Although his surrealistic images may appear to be ultra-realist paintings, they are actually intricately beautiful photo-manipulations. He uses traditional means such as acrylics and ink over previously digitally-altered images.

On his official website, Fabio says, about his use of both traditional and digital media, that “the combination of these techniques allows me to create effects of visual impact that act directly on the physicality of human subjects depicted, emphasizing them in a Gothic, deliberately grotesque and extreme style, invoking the inner drives of the human soul, the travails of the psyche and their inadequacy in relation to the claustrophobic environment that oppresses them.” (thanks to Golden Wolves for this information in English.) 

Explore Selvatici’s work further on his official site (in Italian).

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