process: immaterial proposal by christine eyene

process: immaterial proposal is a curatorial research project focusing on artists creative concepts, studies and works-in-progress.
This project consists of an evolving assembling of images, texts (in English and French), and sound pieces initially presented in a virtual form on art lab. Envisaging sensory experience beyond the physical space, process seeks to explore terrains beyond narrative and representation, be they culturally or geographically-oriented.
Underlying this research is the intention to favour the unexpected and the unknown, over predetermined modes of selection, in an attempt to map out fragments of creative landscapes in current art practice.
First intended as a curatorial proposal for the 10th Dak’Art Biennale, this unrealised (or immaterialised) project partakes of the idea that African biennials have the potential to extend beyond space and time, and adopt a more inclusive approach to contemporary art.
process: immaterial proposal is an open platform. Artists, curators, critics and creative writers wishing to engage in this conversation can contact indicating process in the subject field.
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