sofia coppola – from “the virgin suicides” (1999)


So much has been said about the girls over the years. But we have never found an answer. It didn’t matter in the end how old they had been, or that they were girls… but only that we had loved them, and that they hadn’t heard us calling… still do not hear us, up here in the tree house with our thinning hair and soft bellies, calling them from out of those rooms where they went to be alone for all time… and where we will never find the pieces to put them back together…

From Cecilia Lisbon’s diary:

Lux lost it over Kevin Haines, the garbage man. She’d wake up at five in the morning
and hang out on the front steps – like it wasn’t completely obvious.

She wrote his name in marker on all her underwear. Mom found them and bleached out the Kevins.
Lux was crying on her bed all day.

The trees like lungs filling with air.
My sister, the mean one, pulling my hair.


And so we started to learn about their lives, coming to hold collective memories of times we hadn’t experienced.

We felt the imprisonment of being a girl, the way it made your mind dreamy… so you ended up knowing
what colours went together.

We knew the girls were really women in disguise… that they understood love and even death… and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.

We knew that they knew everything about us. And that we couldn’t fathom them at all.

Screenplay based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides.

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