the long wait – part one

Powerful street art by Faith47

Faith47 – The Long Wait – Part One

“miners are waiting for justice. workers are waiting for a living wage.
people are waiting for service delivery. refugees are waiting for assistance.
men are waiting for jobs. we are all waiting for an honest politician.

“so many people are waiting for others to do things first. to take the blame.
to do things for them. to take the fall. to build the country. to admit defeat.
there has been so much waiting in this country that much time has been lost…”it is the first instalment of my solo exhibition, fragments of a burnt history, which will soon unfold at the david krut gallery in johannesburg on november the 8th 2012.”

2 thoughts on “the long wait – part one

  1. Ja when are people gonna realize they have to do it themselves? Create jobs, be accountable to themselves and each other and their families, stop passing the buck?

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