les rallizes dénudés

Album: Cable Hogue Soundtrack (1992)

Been listening to this band a lot lately. They originally began in 1962 as a musical theatre troupe, however the formation of the band was not until 1967 at Kyoto University. The band’s style is typified by simple, repetitious instrumental passages, shrieking, cacophonous guitar feedback, extensive improvisation reminiscent of free jazz, and folk arrangement. Their discography is made up mostly of live bootlegs, soundboard archives and even a few rare aborted studio recording attempts as they have never officially released any of their own material. [SOURCE]

Album: Caress & Violence (1987)

About their faux-French name:

“Les rallizes dénudés” is their international name, in Japan they’re known as “Hadaka no rariizu”… Hadaka no translates to nu or dénudé; rariizu is a foreign word (or combination of sounds?) that was transliterated to the French-sounding “rallizes” when they got their international, French-sounding name.
So… From a mysterious foreign word to a Japanese approximation, then to a French approximation of the Japanese. May well have been Larrys… Might have been another word… Could be something else entirely, that has meaning only for them… In any case, better not look for a French meaning in it!
“The Naked/Stripped/Bare Larries/Rallies” would be the English approximation.
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rolling stones – mother’s little helper

“What a drag it is getting old…”

Released as a single in 1966, this song was also the first track on the Stones’ album Aftermath, their first full record of original songs – their previous offerings to date had been larded with blues covers.

Mick Jagger on the song: “It’s about drug dependence, but in a sort of like spoofy way. As a songwriter, I didn’t really think about addressing things like that. It was just every day stuff that you I’d observe and write about. It’s what writing is for really. There is a sort of naivety, but there’s also a lot of humour in those songs. They’re a lot based on humour. It was almost like a different band, a different world, a different view when we wrote them.”  (SOURCE)

ross campbell – song for alex

Ross Campbell wrote this heartfelt song for our extraordinary, mercurial friend, the visionary artist and musician Alex van Heerden, who was killed five years ago this morning in a car accident. The hole he left will never be closed.

HERE is another tribute written by Righard Kapp at the time of Alex’s passing.

And here is Alex talking with his singular insight at a workshop on Cape music held in Basel in 2006:

mort garson – i’ve been over the rainbow

The perfect song for South Africa today. From the album The Wozard Of Iz, released on A&M in 1968.

“Shit on your whole mortifying, imaginary, and symbolic theatre!”
― Gilles Deleuze/Felix Guattari – Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

french connection

At last I’ve got around to posting something on Mixcloud again. Here’s a crazy pot-pourri of tunes with a French connection, compiled from selections for a set I played on the Wrong Rock Show back in August 2011.

Listen to Francophonics by Cherry Bomb on Mixcloud.


flower travellin’ band – satori part II

Edit: new link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22yzbj_flower-travellin-band-1971-satori-full-album_music

Rare 8mm footage of Japanese ’70s psychedelic rock group Flower Travellin’ Band (フラワー・トラベリン・バンド) playing their last show in April 1973 at Maruyama Park in Kyoto, Japan.

“There is no up or down
Your truth is the only master
Death is made by the living
Pain is only intense to you
The sun shines every day
Freedom, freedom…”


sonic youth – daydream nation (full album)

1988. Enigma Records. Essential.

00:00 Teen Age Riot
06:58 Silver Rocket
10:46 The Sprawl
18:29 ‘Cross the Breeze
25:29 Eric’s Trip
29:18 Total Trash
36:52 Hey Joni
41:14 Providence
43:56 Candle
48:55 Rain King
53:35 Kissability
56:44 Trilogy: a)The Wonder b)Hyperstation c)Eliminator Jr.

sweet smoke – just a poke (full album) – 1970

Studio album, released in 1970

1. Baby night (16:24)
2. Silly Sally (16:22)
Total Time: 32:46

– Andrew Dershin / bass
– Jay Dorfman / drums, percussion
– Marvin Kaminowitz / lead guitar, vocals
– Michael Paris / tenor saxophone, alto recorder, vocals, percussion
– Steve Rosenstein / rhythm guitar, vocals

Release information
LP EMI/Electrola 1C 064-28886 / LP EMI/Electrola 1C 062-28886 / LP EMI/Harvest 054-24311 / CD EMI CDP 538-7 48871 (1990)